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Windshield Washer Fluid

Windshield fluid helps the windshield wipers do their job. This might not seem like a crucial vehicle fluid, but a clean windshield is the first step to a safe vehicle! At Delta Tire & Lube we recommend a professional grade windshield wiper fluid not tap water. We also recommend that you treat your windshield with Rain X. At Delta Tire & Lube, we can do this for you quickly and professionally in order to make sure that your visibility is best it can be on both sunny days and rainy nights.

Wiper blades

New windshield wiper blades can restore that clear bad-weather vision you enjoyed when your vehicle and wiper blades were new. As wiper blades wear, the blade develops high and low spots, which can cause streaking. Eventually, a worn wiper blade will begin to tear and disintegrate. When the wiper blade falls apart, the wiper arm can scratch and permanently damage your vehicle’s windshield. Replacing your wiper blades in a timely manner is crucial to keeping you and your family driving safe.

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