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The cost of new tires isn’t very much compared to the big benefits that they bring. Tires are what connects you and your vehicle to the road.  With this in mind, you should always be on alert to  their condition and replace them accordingly.

All Delta Tire & Lube purchased tires are subject to FREE rotations, balance and repair (provided tires are repairable) upon showing your proof or purchase.

Here are the five key advantages of new tires:


Because of the condition of Guam’s roads new tires are needed every year or every 10,000 miles. Having a new set of tires will provide a cushion of safety while you operate on Guam’s roads. At the same time, new tires increase the ability of your vehicle to stop, go and turn. For a few hundred dollars every year, you can have brand new tires—a very small price to maintain a safe and healthy driving experience for you and the ones you love.

Increased Performance

The distance it takes for your car to come to a stop, or the speed at which you can enter a turn all depends on the quality of your tires. They determine how much power your vehicle can put to the ground, and whether or not you can brake fast enough to safely control it.

Better Gas Mileage

The condition of your tires can drastically affect your gas consumption. If you have a set of worn out tires with an uneven tread pattern, your gas mileage will suffer because your car must work harder to put its power to the ground. For best results, have your tires properly mounted, balanced every 3000 miles and always be sure to inflate them to the proper pressure. This will ensure that your new tires do not get worn out prematurely and provides you with the best gas mileage possible.

Improved Traction

The way your tires perform in different road and weather conditions (like , rain, dirt and mud) greatly depends on their compound and tread life. For instance softer tires with “meatier” tread patterns are great for off-roading but will hurt your performance and gas mileage in Guam’s hot weather. At Delta Tire & Lube we can help you determine the best options to find a tire that meets all of your driving specifications.

A Better Driving Experience

Finally, the last benefit of a new set of tires is how they can make you feel. New tires with deeper functioning treads and designs are great for longer trips because they provide the driver with a smoother ride. Also, new tires are less noisy when compared to worn out tires. Both of these factors are huge for those who have a longer morning commute or frequently take trips around the island. Loud and uncomfortable tires can turn a nice Sunday drive into a bad experience very quickly.

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