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The Importance of Full Fluid Checks

At Delta Tire & Lube we understand the importance of maintaining the fluids in your vehicle without them your vehicle simply cannot function this is why it’s so important to check them regularly.



The life-blood of any combustion engine; oil lubricates the various moving parts while also cleaning, sealing, and inhibiting corrosion.

Brake Fluid

Where there are hydraulic brakes and a clutch, there’s brake fluid. Low brake fluid can be an indication of worn or leaky brakes. Being able to brake properly, smoothly and safely is a key component of safe driving.  At Delta Tire & Lube we have oil for every type of car. We can help you get your oil changed quickly and professionally so that you can back on the road knowing that your engine is getting the right oil.


Coolant, or antifreeze as it’s commonly known the coolant flows through the ports of the engine that keep it cool.  This prevents the vehicle  from overheating. It is very important that you maintain proper coolant levels to ensure the longevity of your engine.  At Delta Tire & Lube we have both Red and Green Coolant and we understand better than anyone in the business the importance of choosing the right coolant for your engine.

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